Case Study | Google Ads


We started working with a national company to manage their digital advertising. They’d been using another agency for some time and weren’t happy with the results they were achieving. Take a look at what happened when they moved to Polished.


C L I E N T B R I E F :

“We’ve been working with another agency to manage our Google Ads for a while now and nothing seems to be happening. The leads aren’t great and we’re paying a huge amount for management and a landing page fee and it’s just not generating the results we’d expect for such an investment. ”


What we acheived

We took a completely different approach to managing their advertising campaigns - as we always do. We looked through the available data so we could understand what was working and what was letting them down. We also revised the landing page and made recommendations to change the page so it would convert better and rebuilt it in a platform that would perform well AND reduce the monthly outlay for hosting.

In the first month of us managing the campaign, the client saw a dramatic improvement. In the below graph, everything to the left of the yellow line is their history (when they were with other agencies)… the yellow line is the moment we took over and you can see the dramatic increase in campaign effectiveness immediately.

What does it mean?

The impressions are in red are how many people are seeing the ad, by effectively structuring the campaign we could dramatically increase this.

The blue line indicates how many people are clicking through to the website. The fact we saw more and more people clicking from the impressions is really impressive. Impressions are great, and you want a lot of them for your money but the real bang for your buck comes from clicks… as people clicking through to the your website and being exposed to your messaging and brand is how you really get the conversions.


In the first two months we increased the number of people clicking through to their website by 529% WITHOUT increasing the budget at all.



Here’s a before an after…

Old agency: Average clicks were sitting around 54

Polished average clicks are 340

We achieved a 529% increase in clicks through to the website


Old agency: Average number of impressions were 613 per month

Polished average impressions are sitting at 22,500

We achieved a 3580% increase in people seeing their ad


Old agency: Average cost per impression was 51 cents

Polished average cost per impression is 2 cents   

We achieved a 96% decrease in cost per impression


Old agency: Average cost per click was $5.82

Polished average cost per click is $1.40

We achieved a reduction in the cost per click of 75.9%



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